Welcome to the launch of the Cascade Enterprise Solutions web site.  My goal for the site is to provide my clients and co-workers with insights that I have managed to dig out of my daily experience developing and implementing software applications.  In the spirit of Scrum (http://www.scrum.org), I am going to release the “potentially shippable” content to you as soon as it is developed, instead of waiting until it is all complete. Expect the site to change and evolve just like we all do as we delve into depths of software development and business processes.

Let’s just start off making it clear that this is not the place to come for programming tips and tricks. There are tons of great sites out there for that.  My hope is that this will be a place where I share some of the things I dug out of the trenches each week and you will do the same.  My definition of growth is to be better tomorrow than I am today.  Sometimes better means I learn how not to do something so I am better at avoiding it in the future.  Then there are those times when better means leaps and bounds ahead of yesterday.

Don’t sit back and watch!  Join in and play a part of the discussion.   I’ll start off soon with a post on SQL Server “Reporting” services and how I have used it to trigger processing, not just reporting.

Stay tuned…

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